Reuven Achiron

Fetal thoracic anomalies

Badreldeen Ahmed

3D ultrasound and fetal echocardiography

Juan Luis Alcazar

3D in gynecologic tumors

Edward Araujo Junior

Fetal organ volume measurements

Kazunori Baba

3D techniques

Bernard Benoit

3D in malformations of the embryo/fetus in the first trimester

Bernard Benoit

3D of fetal skeleton

Ana Bianchi

3D in echocardiography

Fernando Bonilla-Musoles

3D in infertility

Marisa Borenstein, Guillermo Azumendi

Application of 3D in first trimester

Giuseppe Cali

3D power Doppler in the evaluation of abnormally invasive placenta

Frank A. Chervenak

How useful is routine application of 3D sonography

Jing Deng

Nomenclature in 3D ultrasound

Hans Peter Dietz

Assessment of maternal birth trauma

Liat Gindes

Fetal palate in the second trimester

Liat Gindes

How to think in 3D

Erich Hafner

3D examination of the placenta

Toshiyuki Hata

HD live Flow and HD live Flow silhouette mode of the fetal heart

Toshiyuki Hata

3D ultrasound for the diagnosis of placental abnormalities and assessment of placental function

Toshiyuki Hata

Early normal and abnormal pregnancy

Karim Kalache

3D Ultrasound as a diagnostic tool to elucidate facial anomalies

Karim Kalache

3D ultrasound in Placental Abnormalities

Ashok Khurana

Recent advances in 3D assessment of Mullerian anomalies

Sanja Kupesic Plavsic

3D ultrasound in infertility

Asim Kurjak

4D in functional studies

Asim Kurjak

Is 3D power Doppler neglected in the early detection of ovarian cancer

Jean-Marc Levaillant

Cleft lip

Eberhard Merz

Malformations of the fetal face

Eberhard Merz

3D/4D ultrasound in cervical cancer

Danka Miric Tesanic

Artifacts in 3D ultrasound

Sonal Panchal

3D in infertility, ectopic pregnancy

Sonila Pashaj

Fetal brain: Normal and abnormal corpus callosum

Aida Salihagić Kadić

Fetal cognitive functions and 3D/4D ultrasound

Lawrence Platt

2D or 3D ultrasound

Ritsuko Pooh

Fetal CNS

Ritsuko Pooh

Sonoembryology by 3D

Dolores Pretorius

3D ultrasound and maternal bonding

Giuseppe Rizzo

First trimester placenta volume and power Doppler

Roberto Romero

Fetal intelligent navigation echocardiography (FINE)

Cihat Sen

Posterior fossa

Lara Spalldi Barisic

3D sonography in fetal syndromes

Milan Stanojevic

3D in neonatology

Ilan Timor Tritsch

Three-dimensional inversion rendering: a new sonographic technique and its use in gynecology

Tuangsit Wataganara

Twins and 3D

Simcha Yagel

Fetal heart

Ivica Zalud

3D sonography of the placental and uterine spiral vasculature